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In Iran, plays reenacting the battle--which was held near Karbala in Iraq--are growing in elaborateness.
Thus, the General is again silenced at the table, for the language that he speaks--the discourse of privileged nobility and high ranking military figures that would know and appreciate the elaborateness of the feast--would be indecipherable.
Contrary to Billings (1), communal feastings were conducted in Lavongai culture, though not in the same vein of elaborateness as that of their Tikana cousins.
The superfluity and elaborateness of Hephaistos' efforts suggest a singularity, a love of embellishment and of the exercise of talent for their own sake.
Now I think we are in a position to appreciate why the syntax in "Nebraska" is so elaborate and why that elaborateness plays roles quite different from those it plays in traditional lyric poetry.
This elaborateness is both a check on Thomas's directness and brutality, and an expression of it.
And this implies further that the nature and elaborateness of the grave monuments will reflect the ideological positions of the powers that be, because even if the congregation paid for the headstone it would follow the lead of the clergy.
The campiness and elaborateness of these conceits should not be mistaken as evidence of naively held grand narratives that have yet to be challenged by modernity; in fact, they are precisely a response to a recognized incoherence and fragmentation.
8) Mike Tyson, more famous for his punching power than for the elaborateness of his style, is not, in Early's view, a classic example of the black Trickster, but Oates suggests that the young Tyson's savage, elemental brutality is "thoughtfully administered" (OB exp.
Same score by the other four criteria (concision and stringency, degree of elaborateness and transparency, validity, reliability), with a reservation in favour of the VSM regarding its 'insightfulness'.
differences in the participants' knowledge base elaborateness and structure; Ceci, 1990).
In a recent offer he received that stood out for its comical elaborateness, Moinian described plans that were laid on his desk for a piece of land on the East Side with no views.