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All interviews were conducted in a private location in the child's school across multiple sessions varying in length from 30 to 90 min depending upon the attention span of the children and the elaborateness of the children's social network and social activities.
The elaborateness here and in "Cask," as well as the quasi-religiosity, brings to mind the extraordinary schematization of the murder scenarios conjured by the serial killer "John Doe" (Kevin Spacey) in Seven, the very title of which is an ecclesiastical-canonical reference to the traditional seven deadly sins.
Repeated stories about identity theft also have received significant media attention, some because they involve stealing the identity of celebrities and others because of the elaborateness of the identity theft scheme.
One has a sense, though, that even without the elaborateness of the excavation site, the mere moving of the class outside the school begins to give the learning its undeniable aura of liberation.
He commanded immense fluency and could be tempted into gorgeous elaborateness.
Elaborateness was measured on as scale of one to three where three represented the most elaborate and one represented the least elaborate kind of answer.
Studies conducted in the slums of Mumbai (Bombay) and in a Tamil Nadu village found that the families of women who had been raised in rural areas publicly celebrated the rite of passage at menarche, and the scale and elaborateness of the celebration was determined by the family's financial situation.
The spaciousness of his setting offers the possibility that elaborateness, antiquity, and breadth need not be accompanied by a cruel and suffocating fecundity or hallucinogenic guilt but may enable a humane, popular expansiveness.
As Cavendish understood it, the Micrographia allowed the reader to see only as much as its "observations" showed; the very elaborateness -- in both text and engraving -- merely emp hasizes how what the author saw became a substitute for, rather than an encouragement to, experience itself.
By examining the effects of elaborateness of apology on discipline, we can begin to examine more specifically under what circumstances the expression of apology is effective in reducing punishment and under what circumstances the expression of apology is not.
Even though Huck does not fully share in Tom's romantic vision, he is impressed by the elaborateness and drama of Tom's plan and automatically takes it to be superior to his own effective but humdrum suggestions.
8) Like the portrayal of Delilah's black femininity, Lora's white femininity is constructed "in terms of elaborateness, ornamentation" (Dyer, "Four Films" 202).