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Researchers have reported that knowledge elaboration has positive effects on group problem-solving (Eryilmaz et al.
Another 190,000 elaborations for legalizing illegal constructions will be prepared by the triangulation companies, 110,000 of which have to submit the entire documentation to municipalities by the end of this year.
The Cabinet examined the standards that will be adopted during the elaboration of the regional development indicator, from a data base including 100 variables collected by experts, as the National Statistics Institute (French: INS) and the General Authority for Regional Development (French: CGDR).
Data show that over 200,000 citizens and companies have not submitted an application for developing an elaboration and if they fail to do so as soon as possible, the object that will not be legalized, will be torn down.
The scientific tasks intended for the GPS station in Ksiaz require application of such methods of data elaboration which will guarantee obtainment of the highest accuracy of determination of station coordinates.
2009) found that educational diversity increases team performance through information elaboration, i.
Shukri Rahimi and Agim Poloska were responsible for the language and Albanian culture and Sefejdin Sulejmani for sociology, and cooperated in the elaboration of the controversial Encyclopedia.
The elaboration of the complementary finance act has been finishes.
The most conclusive proof of this fact is the concern of the developed countries to take over the initiative in the standards elaboration and implementation.
McQuarrie and Mick claim that rhetorical figures have two primary effects on consumer response: (i) increased elaboration and (ii) a greater degree of pleasure.
In the elaboration of any security policy and strategy the major role belongs to the state and to its political institutions--parliament, government--due to the fact that, in any conditions, "The state maintains a central function which cannot be fulfilled by any transnational actor: it remains the only source of power which has the capacity to impose the rule of law" (2).
Elaboration helps students build connections between ideas by stressing connections between the ideas already known and their currently learning experience.