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Knowledge elaboration, as an integral part of online discussion, refers to how learners organize, restructure, interconnect, and integrate knowledge (Reigeluth et al.
Triangulation companies, according to him, often receive data for preparing elaborations with the introduction of new Cadastre software, e-cat, which prepares triangulation elaborations in one day.
The effects which were not implemented in the packets of GPS observations elaborations e.
The most conclusive proof of this fact is the concern of the developed countries to take over the initiative in the standards elaboration and implementation.
In a typical lecture, some examples might be prepared by the teacher and included in a visual prompt, whereas other examples or elaborations of material occur spontaneously as a result of student questions or the teachers' assessment of the students' understanding of the material.
Rabbi Jill Hammer evokes the ancient tradition of Midrash--that of using creativity to interpret elaborations from the limited details of biblical text--to paint an imaginative picture of the lives of Lilith, Sarah, Leah, Miriam, and many more.
Many of the people featured in this book were not only perfectly comfortable with "correct" English, but skilled in the verbal elaborations that were so popular in the Victorian era.
Therefore, with the input of the coders, I developed an additional coding scheme in which critical elaborations were broken down into component activities.
The narrative is detailed, and looks at the issues from a number of different angles, and each chapter ends with a list of extensive notes providing more detail about other readings, qualifications, elaborations, etc.
Accordingly, the reader must approach ancient philosophical texts not as insufficiently rigorous precursors to the modern systematic treatise, but rather as elaborations of demanding and formative "spiritual exercises.
Research in psychology generally finds that students are more likely to acquire and apply information in instructional materials when they generate meaning-enhancing elaborations of instructional material (e.
In his recent New York exhibition, the reigning king of the monumental offered elaborations on his "Torqued Ellipses," the massive gyrelike shapes, alternately melancholy, soothing, and triumphal, that graced the Dia Center for the Arts in Chelsea in 1997.