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Compatibility with Nordson s AllegroA and SureWrapA elastic attachment nozzles further improves product quality and optimizes adhesive use.
The elastic displacements within joints have great impact on robots accuracy, approximately 70% of total positioning error is given by elastic displacements of joints.
The real issue is that buying cheap and nasty elastic bands is more expensive for the taxpayer.
Another area of potential for OBCs is elastic films, where Affinity metallocene ULDPE elastomers already fill a niche in applications that require up to 100% stretch.
Indentation values of elastic modulus are routinely calculated and compared to values from macroscopic mechanical tests.
To make one of the structures, Boncheva and Whitesides strung 10 hourglass-shape beads on an elastic thread, which they knotted tightly.
Wrap a small piece of hair from each ponytail around the elastic to hide it.
A verger yesterday appealed for the women of his parish to donate a length of their used knicker elastic - to help mend a broken church clock.
Their elastic collars can catch wine drips before they reach the Christmas tablecloth.
Wellington Financial, a privately held specialty finance firm delivering term and amortizing loans, has declared that the Canadian company has approved a debt facility for Elastic Path Software, a leader in digital commerce technology and proficient for enterprises selling digital goods and content, worth $8 million.
Other new developments include TPUs with inherently low coefficient of friction and a new entry to compete with PP and polyester in elastic nonwovens.