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The results indicate that there are differences in the physiological (EMG and heart rate) and perceptual variables in response to changes in resistance exercise intensity through elastic band grip width.
They were surprised when the elastic band made their walking jerky.
A spokesman said: "One of the mobile telephones was disguised as a watch and attached to Mr Robinson's penis by means of an elastic band.
With a dirty wash, the jacket has an amazing vintage aspect that is also characterized by the elastic bands on the wrists, neck and waist.
Carefully remove the elastic band from around the lever (watch those fingers
I can't believe anyone can be so petty and small-minded as to dish out fines for leaving one elastic band in the road,' he said.
To get the most out of this program, you need an elastic band, a smooth wall, and a chair or other support.
Constructed of an 8-inch elastic band with breathable backing, the front is a padded holster with a snap thumb-break strap.
All'incirca alla vita (More or less about the waist): With her feet on the edge of a tall base, a girl cantilevered dangerously forward into space, held only by a red elastic band stretched across her at waist level.
The Elastobinder senses the presence of the product automatically as it passes through the machine and then applies the elastic band.
The strategic alliance with Pfizer has been like "an elastic band to Searle's slingshot," Quail says.
Made of heavy-duty latex, brightly colored with razzle-dazzle patterns, inflate to baseball-size, add a little "magic return fluid" (nontoxic), clip with an elastic band, and go to town with all the tricks of a traditional yoyo, and more.