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He said: "She is a very active member of the school community and when she approached me to ask for permission to hold this awareness event, I was delighted to support her - and will be 'pinging' my elastic band along with everyone else.
The Menzel Polyband Expander consists of an extruded aluminum alloy core with 30 equally-spaced elastic bands.
A soft elastic band hooks around the middle toe to keep the pad in place.
They include downhill running, wind-assisted running, using an elastic band to pull the athlete forward, etc.
A MUM has blasted police who branded her son a bully for flicking an elastic band in another boy's face.
But as my mother used to say "he must think he has an elastic band on his cash".
You attached one to an elastic band, pulled it back and let it go.
STEP 5 To keep the brush's bristles in shape and in place, wrap an elastic band around the bristles.
Thread an elastic band through each hole and secure by threading one end of the band back through its loop.
Disposable Pant-Like Undergarment Having An Elastic Band Adjacent The Waist Opening: No.
Two new examples of that spirit have just hit stores: ``Momentum,'' recorded with the Elastic Band that joins him at the Bowl, and ``SF Jazz Collective (Live),'' featuring the nonprofit Bay Area octet for which he is music director.
I have first-hand knowledge of a man I nursed who slipped and fell on an elastic band in a wet street.