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Powered by Skyform's signature Enterprise Elastic Computing Platform (SkyForm[R] ECP) technology, AsiaInfo AIF enables applications like CRM to migrate from traditional SMP machines to x86 clusters.
Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (called Amazon EC2) is one of the most important web services, providing resizable compute capability as and when required.
Moab was selected for its elastic computing features; advanced policies such as: auto enforcement of Service Level Agreements (SLAs), dynamic provision of virtual resources and job arrays; as well as accounting capabilities.
The new product releases are available as software downloads and as WSO2 Cloud Virtual Machines running on the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2), Linux Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) or VMware ESX.
This is a remarkable advancement in leveraging the power of Elastic Computing. SOASTA CloudTest Global Platform is a perfect combination of application functionality harnessing the scalable power and affordability delivered by several Cloud platforms operating as one.'
The result is a so-called "elastic computing service," an environment subscribers can expand and contract at will based on their needs.