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This is made possible through Moab's elastic computing, advanced policies and accounting features.
Its flagship product, the Enomaly Elastic Computing Platform (ECP) allows companies to create an intuitive environment for hosting and managing applications within and outside an organization.
Oracle s Sun Server X4-4 and Sun Server X4-8 are the first and only systems to offer unique elastic computing features in the hardware, which dynamically adapts to workload specific requirements to maximize system utilization and improve efficiency.
In fact, with fully automated online provisioning and management and elastic computing, we are one of only a select few players worldwide currently capable of delivering the real power of the cloud at the customer's fingertips.
According to Chunghwa Telecom, Spirent's security solutions enable it to ensure that its cloud platform is reliably delivering the business benefits of elastic computing.
Install WSO2 Stratos onto an Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) IS.