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In this paper, the ultimate stress, ultimate strain and elastic modulus of single crystal [gamma]-TiAl alloy is analyzed based on the molecular dynamics method under different temperatures and vacancy concentrations, and the effects of temperature and vacancy concentration on the mechanical properties of the material are determined.
Although the trademark and content of catalyst and additives were not available, the material systems themselves are still useful to investigate the coupling effect of elastic modulus and yield strength on the scratch behavior of PP.
In these tests, the elastic modulus is determined from the resonant frequency of the system using a vibration test (Targa, Ballarin, & Biaggioni, 2005, Segundinho, Cossolino, Pereira, & Junior, 2012).
The changes in the elastic modulus shown by alginate during setting are well established.
The stress-stiffness dependency normalizes elastic modulus respect to a reference pressure.
Maps of the shear elastic modulus were obtained at 1Hz with a spatial resolution of 1 x 1 mm.
st] are the elastic modulus and constrained strain, respectively, and [r.
The elastic modulus contrast of the target tumor compared to surrounding tissue was calculated and analyzed over the compression levels.
Poisson's ratio, elastic modulus, and shear modulus will be measured by the ultrasonic wave propagating velocity detection.
From the received load (F) and displacement (h), diagrams of the values of the nanohardness (H) and the elastic modulus (E) were determined using the established method of Oliver and Pharr.
After correcting the nanoindent load-depth trace for structural compliance, the elastic modulus and hardness were assessed from all nine unloading segments following the Oliver-Pharr method (Oliver and Pharr 1992) assuming a cell wall Poisson's ratio of 0.
Schaffler and Burr5 found that the cortical bone stiffness was decided by its porosity and that significant increases in the porosity led to the decline of the elastic modulus.