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The ECB's response was to lower its main refinancing rate to the then record low of 1% in May 2009, to expand the range of eligible collateral for our refinancing operations and to provide liquidity elastically to the banking sector, at both increasingly long durations and against a wider range of collateral.
The unique modularity of Avid NEXIS enables teams to mix and match storage engines and elastically scale capacity from as little as 20 TB to over 1.
Its mantle deforms elastically due to tidal effects caused by the Moon.
com)-- The automotive industry is by far the main customer for elastically deformable plastics.
For example, (1) the plate is elastically restrained at two unloaded edges (restrained-restrained (RR)) or (2) the plate is elastically restrained at one unloaded edge and free at the other unloaded edge (restrained-free (RF)), as shown in Figure 1.
The combination of Azure HDInsight and DgSecure allows organizations to deploy high-availability Hadoop distributions in the cloud with complete end-to-end security where environments can scale elastically on demand.
That means that as my coronary artery got more and more blocked, my little arteries near the heart were expanding elastically to take the strain
Gear's system elastically scales across common compute fabrics for rapid feedback toward meaningful high-impact design changes.
Deployed by Tier-1 operators, ConteXtream's Carrier-SDN dynamically and elastically connects subscribers to services and enables carriers to leverage standard, low- cost server hardware and hypervisors to virtualize functions and services, while replacing costly purpose- built proprietary systems.
Feel how the lower back muscles give way elastically.
time it takes to spin up a virtual machine, scaled elastically with virtual
With Thinspace desktop virtualization, Fidalia can provision desktops in the cloud, on-demand and elastically for their business clients utilizing Thinspace's complete suite of products and solutions.