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It is important to note that due to the possibility of adjusting the swift for every single article, the parameters may be optimized in such a way that various types of yarns have the perfect retraction margin during the dyeing phase, thus ensuring a high percentage of residual elasticity of the elasticized yarn after dyeing.
They look just like a normal pair of black leather gloves with an elasticized wrist band, but the inside is different.
* piece of ribbon, shoe lace, elasticized cord, etc.
CDF dust caps are manufactured from FDA approved polyethylene with a nylon elasticized band securely sewn to the edge to provide a tight grip on drums and pails.
The Jac, which stuffs into its own pocket, also features an attached hood, elasticized cuffs, two slash pockets, a drawstring waist and storm flap.
Water-weave, print stretch tube top with satin finish elasticized pants worn under long jacket with large collar and deep lapels and three-button snap closing, by Perry White.
Maxell also introduced a line of folder-style storage cases that features elasticized mesh net sleeves for disc storage.
The "Equipe" pants ($200) have three-ply ripstop shell fabric, polyester mesh and taffeta lining, and an elasticized waist.
New elasticized webbing materials used as spring media and medium density polyurethane foams used as damping or cushioning materials will alleviate this problem.
This leather slipper has breathable stretch jersey lining, flattened elongated pleats and an elasticized center seam that hugs the foot's arch.
With the SINCRO M, a new concept of winding machine with precision crossing and electronic yarn guide, which can reach speeds up to 1.750 m/min, it is also possible to produce FAPP(tm) low density packages (FAdis Precision Package), which allow for wide retraction margins of the yarn during the dyeing phase, thus keeping a high residual elasticity percentage of the elasticized yarn.
The new flannel sheet sets come with a flat sheet, a fully elasticized fitted sheet and one pillowcase cover.