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Conclusion: Elbow joint is a commonly involved body part in the battle field resulting in extensive bone and soft tissue damage along with heavy contamination.
As a pianist myself I have a keen interest in disorders which affect the hands, wrists and elbow joints of musicians who often put in years of intensive playing, rehearsing and performing, which can take its toll on the joints.
The elbow joint is a hinge joint that makes only extension and flexion movements.
Golf enthusiast's joint (median epicondylitis) is a condition just like a tennis elbow joint occurring on the inner sideof the elbow joint.
This method could maintain flexion and extension of the elbow joint without further damage to the soft tissue.
The purpose of this study was to compare two methods of universal goniometer (UG) and smartphone inclinometer application reliability, commonly used to determine elbow joint maximum ROM.
Elbow joint abduction occurred at early acceleration, at which point the external rotation moment of the elbow joint peaked.
Left shoulder angle: the left shoulder joint is the peak, the left elbow joint and the left hip joint respectively forms two lines with the left shoulder joint;
On physical examination, the mass located at lateral thoracic wall just behind right elbow joint was found to be roughly spherical pendulated mass, hard in consistency.
Radiographs showed an irregularity in the anterior elbow joint, potentially corresponding to a free fragment or fracture of the coronoid process.
Dermatological examination of the patient revealed a few nodules near the elbow joint and sensory loss over his bilateral hand without any hypopigmented patch.
In addition, movement of the elbow joint was limited, only allowing the forearm to swing backwards and forwards li a human knee.