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The newly elected Co which governs the church between meetings of the General Synod, also met brie synod and elected two officers a large: Judy Darling, a lay member of the diocese of Ottawa and (or met member of the information resources committee and the mission co-ordination group, and Archdeacon Larry Beardy, executive archdeacon of the diocese of Keewatin and a member of the residential schools negotiating team.
He was the youngest bishop in the worldwide Anglican Communion and the youngest Canadian bishop in the 20th century when he was elected bishop of Saskatchewan in 1993.
Lansing was the only coalition-backed candidate who was re- elected.
The intent of the ordinance, she said, is to prevent lobbyists from having special access to elected officials that the public doesn't normally get, not preventing those officials from voting on issues.
The diocese of Ontario elected Dean George Bruce, 60, as co-adjutor bishop in June, succeeding Bishop Peter Mason, who retires at the end of September.
Six of the city's 18 elected officials got brand new 2002 models this year at their request and six got new cars last year although they could take a $500 stipend instead of a car.
338 is elected, the latter is effective before the Secs.
People who are elected under term limits look around and suddenly realize they could be termed out, and they try to change the limits, arguing they are different.
Meanwhile, the diocese of Brandon, in western Manitoba, elected a familiar face as its bishop in October.
Any amount not elected as QTIP would pass to another trust that did not qualify.
In an often-heated debate, the council agreed to ask voters to allow elected city officials to serve a third four-year term - one more than the current maximum.