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As a pro-life conservative, I am honestly happy AaAeAeAu no, positively elated AaAeAeAu that pro-choice Demo Doug Jones won AlabamaAaAeAeAEs Senate electio
The contract contained an electio juris clause, which designated the English law, and an express clause of exemption from liability of the carrier (for all damages caused by the negligence of the captain).
He was particularly active with lois Electio Editions imprint after the move to Melbourne; (53) he was awarded a four-year fellowship by Melbourne University from 2002; as well as publishing two conventional books with Five Islands Press (Fragmenta Nova, 2005 and Nowhere to go & other poems, 2007).
66) <<Multa enim sunt que desponsationem inter personas omnino legitimas et legitime celebratam, utrolibet edam eorum vivente, dissolvunt; de quibus ea, que presenti memorie occurrunt, breviter numerabo: posterior desponsatio carnis commixtione perfecta--sicut magister nobis in hac serie tradidit--, spontanea alterius fornicario, raptas, maleficium, melioris propositi electio, orrendi criminis perpetrado, alterius perpetua egritado et captivitatis continua detenido>>: Stimma Decretorum, cit.
la Ciutat te falta de advocats axi per mort de micer d'Artes, en loch del qual fins a huy no es feta electio, com encara perque algu dels advocats ordinaris se scusa de aconsellar a la ciutat.
In the same news forum, SeAaAaAeA~eres disclosed that the Commisison on Electio (Comelec) has accredited the Filipino Family Party as an official political party who can participate in the 2016 elections.
But during novitiate, I revealed none of this to my novice master and felt myself drawn to say "Yes" to following Christ as an SVD missionary during the electio of our thirty-day Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.
In a letter to " Multi-millionaire Blair, who left office in 2007, has also agreed to take part in Labour's electio campaign.
Electio enim Provincialium ad Generalem pertinet ex instituto, negotia omnia et tota ratio gubernationis ex eodem pendet, ut nihil sit plane cur illae sint habendae Congregationes, atque adeo potius illae rationem gubernationis turbarent>>.
ubi dicitur quod electus est tutus in foro animae si electio sua tenuit de iuregentium, licet non fuerit servata forma tradita a iure positivo, quia illa forma est introducta propter scandala et deceptiones evitandas.
una aproximacion teorica", Electio, Revista Especializada Electoral, num.
I'm hiding away, before something truly ridiculous happens, like Katie Price standing for electio.