election contest

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Looking at this race, Oregonians can be forgiven for concluding that the general election contest already is under way - which, as a practical matter, it is.
The leaders of the Revolutionary Guards and the volunteer Basij militia were urged at a meeting called last week by Khamenei to use the same tactics employed during the controversial 2009 presidential election contest.
The deadline for new members, and for existing members, to join is fast approaching and I would urge anyone who wants to take part in the election contest to join by January 26.
President Obama will face an election contest next year.
I had intended to remain neutral in this election contest, given my position as our only MP, and a government minister, but I cannot continue to remain silent.
In a 18 April letter citing the election contest mounted by Elliott Advisors (UK) Ltd.
MICHEL Platini will speak to senior UEFA figures before declaring support for either Sepp Blatter or Mohamed Bin Hammam in the FIFA presidential election contest.
He now faces being banned from the Commons for three years with the election contest for his Oldham East and Saddleworth seat being re-run.
They should both have had the courage to stand as candidates in the ensuing party leadership election contest.
Hills spokesman Graham Sharpe said: "Political punters are backing him as though a leadership election contest is imminent and he is the only candidate.
Dear Editor, Gordon Brown's decision to back down from a general election contest is not merely a humiliation for him, it is also a tragedy for the millions of Britons who hoped for the chance to pass judgement on his ten years in command of the domestic economy and on the new package of economic reforms presented by the Conservatives.
On the other hand, the existence of an election contest introduces a whole new dimension to the question of whether the state's voting process is working properly.