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This case challenged the apportionment schedules revised in 1986 and its 1990 election results in the fifth election district of Tokyo for the House of Representatives.
Rather, a claim in this context would allege that, although minority voters in a particular election district already have an opportunity to elect candidates of their choice, it is not an equal opportunity to do so, because many constituents of the district have been counted in other districts to inflate political representation elsewhere.
Walter's The Harlem Fox, Jones' view of his political philosophy unbiased by heritage:</p> <pre> I started my proteges in positions of low responsibility such as Election District Captains, and then, when they had shown an understanding of how the political system worked and a willingness to contribute to the party, they would be sponsored for offices such as State Assemblyman, City Councilman, State Senator, judges of all ranks, and so on.
That these factors have been extremely important is not in dispute, and we include them in an analysis that places them at the level where they directly affected the ability of candidates to win legislative seats: the level of the election district.
For the remaining years and contests, I correlated census tract maps of Harlem, (isolating those which the census determined to be more than 90% black), with the election district maps of Harlem located in the New York Public Library.
Johnson, a case involving an election district in Georgia that also had been created to make African-Americans the voting majority.
According to the amendments, the whole territory of Kyrgyzstan will be one national election district for the parliamentary elections.
Xhezair Saqiri-Hoxha who heads DUA's list in election district 2, will not be able to vote and this is the only such case.
Galvin, said cities and towns must submit their new redistricting maps to a state Election District Review Commission by June 15.
Both the opposition and the ruling coalition said that they supported an electoral law based on the qada election district, but the March 14 Forces voiced their objection to adopting the 1960 formula.
Have judges draw election district lines (just when national Republicans are calling for judicial reform, claiming that a ``unaccountable judicial is legislating from the bench.