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Subsequently, we carry out a series of regression analyses using county-level data on newspaper circulation and election results as well as radio signal strength, which was estimated using geographic information system (GIS) and the Irregular Terrain Model (Hufford 2002) based on data on radio transmitters and spatial boundaries of election districts.
Tokyo Election Commission, (70) sustained the constitutionality of the Public Office Election Law, as revised in 1994, to provide for single-member election districts for the House of Representatives, and upheld the election results in Tokyo's fifth election district, which had been held in October 1996 in accordance with the revised law.
Rather, a claim in this context would allege that, although minority voters in a particular election district already have an opportunity to elect candidates of their choice, it is not an equal opportunity to do so, because many constituents of the district have been counted in other districts to inflate political representation elsewhere.
The Supreme Court avoided the gerrymander appointment issue for the reason that there were no reliable standards or constitutional criterion to determine how election districts should be fairly drawn.
168) These guidelines impose important constraints on the drawing of election district boundaries.
is divided into election districts and each of these election districts (E.
On election day he would deliver the inner envelope to the inspectors of election at the polls of the soldier's election district, and the inspectors would check to see that the soldier's signature on the affidavit on the outside of the inner envelope corresponded with his name in the local election registry.
Specifically, if the SDPJ member wanted to be a candidate in a single-member election district in which a coalition member(s) also wanted to be elected, the value of 1 is assigned, 0 otherwise.
331) Incumbency (previous terms in VNA) Centrally nominated (dummy) GDP per capita (natural log) Central transfers/local revenue Province level FE No No Election district FE No No Constant -4.
If the opposition returns the mandates, then elections will be declared in every election district," says Subhi Jakupi, vice president of the State Election Commission.
The clerk said the city hopes to be able to submit a compliant map to the Local Election District Review Commission some time next month.