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The youth was also taking keen interest in the local body elections and participating in electioneering campaign to support their favourite candidates.
The ban on candidate endorsements protects religious institutions, as electioneering politicizes, divides and distracts religious communities from their spiritual mission," AU said in its comments.
IRLI has collected evidence documenting CASA's electioneering on behalf of elected officials in Maryland who are members of the Democratic Party.
A full investigation must immediately be undertaken to ascertain which senior officer or officers authorised the Labour and Independent parties to carry out this sort of electioneering at public expense.
Last fall, a Worcester resident and the volunteers she organized as poll watchers brought a formal complaint of illegal electioneering to the Election Commission.
because every election is unique and every evaluation of a claim of electioneering must be fairly analyzed in the context of each election.
They also unanimously condemned the actions of the Spanish Popular Party, which continues to exploit the question of Laayoune's events for electioneering purposes both in Spain and at the European Parliament.
The Supreme Court had knocked back a provision of the McCain-Feingold Act that prohibited all corporations and unions from broadcasting electioneering communications.
I am confident that most people recognise exactly that such cosying up is just electioneering by politicians who wouldn't give you the time of day ordinarily.
To do so would be the most cynical and negative form of electioneering.
Therefore you would be entitled to place an absolute prohibition on any form of workplace electioneering.
We can only hope that the public can see through the naked and scandalous electioneering employed by the Tories.