elective share

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Elective Share

Statutory provision that a surviving spouse may choose between taking that which is provided in the will of the deceased spouse or taking a statutorily prescribed share of the estate. Such election may be presented if the will leaves the spouse less than he or she would otherwise receive by statute. This election may also be taken if the spouse seeks to set aside a will that contains a provision to the effect that an attempt to contest the will defeats the rights of one to take under the will.

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elective share

laws that allow a spouse to take a part of an estate when the other spouse dies, regardless of the terms of any will or testament.
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The surviving spouse of a Florida domiciliary has the right to a percentage elective share from the decedent's probate assets.
Moreover, the client spouse may need to consider other means of asset disposition in order to minimize elective share (as described in more detail below).
At issue in Ciani is the surviving spouse's interest in real estate under the "spousal elective share" statute, the law governing the right of a living spouse of a deceased person to waive provisions of a will and receive a statutory share, regardless of what is (or is not) provided for in the deceased's written will.
Hammer (Bureau of Mediation Servs.)<br />https://mn.gov/law-library-stat/archive/ctapun/2018/opa171748-061118.pdf<br />&nbsp;<br />Probate<br />Elective Share<br />In this probate dispute, appellant argued that the District Court erred by failing to extend the time for him to petition for an elective share and by failing to invalidate his elective-share waiver.
It contains cases, discussion, and notes on planning for the transmission of property from one generation to another, beginning with planning for incompetency and death and followed by taxation of trusts and estates and gratuitous transfers, inheritance, intestacy, wills, will substitutes and other forms of inheritance, the spousal elective share and family protections, private trusts, class gifts and powers of appointment, and charitable trusts.
Therefore, a deed that has the effect of disinheriting a spouse, child, or other beneficiary named in a will or trust, or avoiding valid debts, could thereafter be subject to claims of incapacity or undue influence, (27) elective share rights, (28) homestead protections for spouses and minor children, (29) or creditors claiming a fraudulent conveyance.
(5) that an election to take an elective share must be filed within the time provided by law.
Ever since the statutory elective share replaced dower and curtesy, courts have been trying to expand the property subject to the spouse's elective share.
Grubb as his attorney in fact, and Grubb gave notice that Marvin wanted to take his elective share of Bertha's augmented estate, pursuant to Va.
This third edition offers expanded coverage of the elective share doctrine of the Uniform Probate Code, analyzing the Code's harmless error approach versus the traditional strict compliance approach.
Disinheriting a spouse is more complex because of elective share statutes; most states require the affected spouse to sign a waiver at the time the will is signed stating that he or she is consenting to the disinheritance.