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Name of Product: 6-Outlet Power Strip Manufacturer: Ningbo Diya Electric Appliance Co.
Household electric appliance industry has develop strong foothold in the country.
Japan introduced a recycling law for the four types of electric appliances in April last year.
A recycling law that went into effect in April last year requires manufacturers of four large electric appliances -- television sets, air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines -- to recollect CFCs from scrapped products for either recycling or destruction.
com) is another economical and simple tool to assess the efficiency of electric appliances.
said Wednesday it has developed a ''shape-memory'' recyclable polymer screw that becomes smooth when heated, allowing it to be easily removed from household electric appliances.
The new recycling law calls for manufacturers, retailers and consumers to share responsibility for disposal of the four types of electric appliance.
2--Color) (Color in AV only) A package that officials say turned out to hold only an electric appliance lies next to a vehicle after an employee took it outside.
The four are suspected of purchasing two personal computers worth about 390,000 yen with fake cards at an electric appliance shop in Yaizu, Shizuoka Prefecture, in December last year, the police said, adding the suspects allegedly bought electric appliances totaling more than 100 million yen with fake cards.
Under the Electric Appliance Recycling Law, which took effect April 1, consumers are charged for disposing of four kinds of electric appliances, including refrigerators and washing machines.
said Monday it will reorganize its home electric appliance business by curtailing floor space at loss-making outlets and making stores more service-oriented.
The rapid development of such fields as consumer electronics, industrial automotive system, household electric appliance, office automation system, communication and traffic, military equipment, electric tools, instrument and meter and electric toy drove the scale expansion of China micro-motor industry.