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Wasting no time, this nonagenarian sets out to work on an acrylic sheet with a high speed 35,000 rpm electric drill to notch out a floral design.
I attached the bore hone to an old shotgun rod by drilling a hole for a cross pin through both the rod and the shank of the hone, then pushed it down the bore from the muzzle using an electric drill to power it.
The other end of the cord is inserted into the electric drill chuck and tightened.
A demand of pounds 400,000 was made from Mr Sander who was then hit with a mallet and a snooker cue before 'Mr Red' produced an electric drill and threatened to cut off Mr Sander's head before "setting about" him with the weapon, injuring his legs.
As part of a NORCAT development team, Richard has helped build various prototypes of a lightweight electric drill, known as the CanaDrill, which could be part of Canada's contribution to future NASA missions.
In the last area of the L-shaped gallery, separated from the rest of the space by a bench made of scaffolding pipes and black leather belts, an electric drill, painted black, hung from the ceiling.
The $50 price tag at the local hardware store was too much for what was left in my wallet after paying bills, so I came home, took a furniture clamp, clamped my very old electric drill to my wooden deck table, chucked a grind stone into it and put a wonderful new edge on my corn knife.
Tempera paint and acrylic medium, varnish, brushes, sandpaper, sponges, spackle, glue, craft foam, string, tape, newsprint paper, dowel rods, scrap wood blocks, electric drill.
Kits popular in the 1950s for building everything from model airplanes to hi-fl radios led to the continuing do-it-yourself craze, which to this day puts a screwdriver and electric drill in the hands of every 'real man' homeowner and gardening and sewing tools in the hands of his spouse.
In our report, we told how 18 pigs have already died at the MoD's chemical warfare unit at Porton Down in Wiltshire after their skin was burned with mustard gas and their wounds SANDPAPERED off with an electric drill.
Soon, Metabo was pioneering electric drill technology, and in 1934 produced its first electric drill.
They thrust the electric truncheon violently into my sexual organs, and I felt a pain as if I was being drilled there with an electric drill.

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