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In the above equations, op represents the optical phonon energy and Fava represents the magnitude of electric field.
In the electric field generator, two circular aluminium electrodes with a diameter of 8 cm were used.
The electric field on the matrix and the BT fillers could be obtained as follows:
Figure 2 shows the simulated electric field profiles produced by the CNT rows placed at different electric potentials.
The complete expression for the electric field as calculated from Eq.
In the present work we have theoretically studied the electric field and defect dependent Curie temperature in anharmonic Ba1-xCaxTi[O.
The strength of the electric field in some point in space can be calculated according to equation (Poljak, D.
Frost formation on a surface without a superimposed electric field is a quite well known phenomenon (Hayashi 1977) mainly influenced by moist air humidity ratio and the temperature difference between the air stream and the cold surface.
The model also revealed that turbulence can increase static electricity in a snowstorm to create thundersnow conditions, with no preexisting electric field necessary.
Medical infrared saunas company High Tech Health International Inc reported on Monday the receipt of the US patent for the invention of the first infrared sauna heater that is simultaneously low in both electric field and magnetic field EMF (electromagnetic fields).
Applying an electric field within the rat's brain spurred the transplanted stem cells to swim "upstream" against the fluid flow and natural cues and head for other locations within the brain.

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