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Typically, as long as these products have sufficient charge or there is an electric outlet in the vicinity of wherever a person is, this is not an issue.
Ford's smallest car in the United States, the Fiesta, doesn't have a hybrid power plant and it doesn't plug into an electric outlet.
A plug-in hybrid is a hybrid vehicle with rechargeable batteries that can be charged by connecting a plug to an external electric power source, usually simply a normal electric wall socket such as a household electric outlet.
Unlike existing models that require users to purchase a monitor, a touch screen overlay, and a PC separately, users can run the TSn simply by plugging it into an electric outlet.
The model is to allow customers to recharge their vehicles either through driving or by plugging the vehicle into an electric outlet.
Then, armed with simple tools such as a ladder, flashlight, and electric outlet tester, the inspector will evaluate the condition of all the major systems of the house.
Yukios e is easily recharged through a household electric outlet and yet features the class-topping snow removal capability among electric-powered snow throwers in the market, making it suitable for novice users and for residential area snow removal during the early-morning and nighttime hours.
You can either use the wall charger or the AC plug to charge your ultrabook according to the distance to the electric outlet.
is seeking to introduce a plug-in hybrid, a gasoline-electric car that can be recharged using a household electric outlet, in the mid-2010s, company sources said Sunday.
However, the electric outlet must be one that remains active even when the bathroom light is turned off.
ThinkEco's modlet, a device that allows consumers to plug a device into an existing electric outlet and use a web browser to wirelessly manage their power consumption, won the CEA Line Shows Best in Show award via attendees' text vote.
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