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The second he passes the comment against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he gets an electric shock.
According to Gulistan-e-Jauhar ASI Mehmood, Gul had been called by the family to fix some faults in the house and while the electrician was working, he received electric shocks from the wires.
Shabbir of Chak 119-JB Rasoolpura received fatal electric shock in his house and died on the spot, whereas, 19-year-old electrician Akaash son of Riaz resident of Bilal Town was shifted to Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital Sammundri after he received electric shock while
Electric shock drowning can happen instantly, and these hazards can exist in swimming pools, hot tubs, spas, marinas, boat ramps and water surrounding boats.
As soon as the victim touched the supply line, he suffered an electric shock and fell on the ground.
Reportedly, 34yo Kairat Salimbayev was struck by electric shock on August 1.
A MAN was rushed to hospital after suffering an electric shock while working at an M&S store.
Atif, 19, died due to electrocution in Yusuf Goth and 12-year-old Aabir and 13-year-old Ahmed Umar died after suffering electric shock at a cricket ground in North Nazimabad's Block L.
The injuries suffered by a man who received an electric shock from a pylon in Telford were life-threatening, it has been confirmed.
The Star learnt that the 32-year-old mother of two had rushed to rescue her neighbour who had received an electric shock as she hanged her clothes on a line to dry.
They found 2,585 hazardous toys, including electric shock guns, LED laser shock rifles as well as colourful battery balls, in the Manchester tore.
According to details, in Wahdat Colony where 18-year-old Qadeer of Lalazar Colony was going on his motorcycle received an electric shock when he touched a mettle wire attached to a stray kite stuck in an electric poll.