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RSPCA dog welfare expert Dr Samantha Gaines said: "We're delighted that the Government has listened to the concerns raised by us and other animal welfare organisations and has launched this consultation to ban the use of electric shock collars in England.
In another incident, a blacksmith Hafiq Usman Ashraf resident of Hameed Abad Mamonkanjan was busy in welding work at his shop when he received electric shock.
His father Mohammad Ali, father-in-law Ahmed Ali, brother-in-law Khurram and another relative, Farooq, also received electric shocks while trying to save each other, said Kalri SHO Gul Hasan.
The victims were working in DHA phase-8 when they suffered an electric shock and fell down before losing consciousness.
she too received electric shock,and both women fell unconscious.
This cable was live and the contractor suffered an electric shock which resulted in hospital treatment.
Patients with clear history of electric shock according to the patients or attendants were included in the study through consecutive sampling technique.
HUNDREDS of dangerous phone and laptop chargers which can cause electric shocks have been found in a Benton warehouse by trading standards.
In my column last March 15, I discussed the phenomenon of certain individuals experiencing electric shock when touching other people or even non-electrical objects like doorknobs and filing cabinet handles.
A TRAIN driver was "sent flying" after receiving an electric shock while testing carriage doors.
An electric shock can be extremely traumatic as depending on the voltage of the current.
Qatif recorded 18 cases including 11 due to rainwater leakage in homes and five cases of electric shock from contact with cables and electric meters," he said, adding that there was also one case of flooding in a school and an accident where a tree fell on top of a car.