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The component on the right rear of the action, which looks much like a normal safety, is, in fact, an electric switch that shuts off power to the trigger and makes the rifle inoperable.
Donna Hemsley, Business Development Manager, MAWA Film & Medien, Germany Bob Auger, Managing Director, Electric Switch, UK Lubomir Celar, Chairman & CEO, Digital Media Production, Czech Republic Stuart Dinsey, Managing Director, MCV Media, Managing Editor, MCV Magazine & Develop Magazine, UK Kirk Paulsen, Executive Vice President, Spruce Technologies, USA France de Mijolla, Head of Video Product Purchase, FNAC, France Bob Thomson, Managing Director, Panasonic Disc Services Corp Europe, Frank Pauli, General Manager, Business Unit Disc Systems, Philips, The Netherlands Todd Collart, CEO, Interactual Technologies, USA
Hoffman organized nearly 1,000 transit workers and put them on the enormous job: Hundreds of electric switch boxes were covered in muck and had to be hand-cleaned, electric relays needed to be replaced, mud needed to be removed from under the third rails by hand.
Invitation to tender: Control for electric switch heaters SBB
Secondly, do not plug your cellphone in the electric switch board.
I went down to the garage and also discovered that the electric switch was ruined.
Kevin Hoo, vice president at Savanna, noted that, since acquiring the property in 2011, Savanna has invested in improving the ,base building infrastructure while also adding resiliency since Superstorm Sandy by moving life safety, electric switch gear and telecommunications equipment to the second floor.
One of the survivors, now undergoing treatment at Dhaka Medical College Hospital, said the fire had originated from the factory's main electric switch.
It has a 6V DC motor, soft plastic brush, long plastic pipe, extendable wires and one electric switch. It can be powered by four pencil cells or an AC supply.
Gail's replies were just dying to leave her memory pad, supplied as if at the flick of an electric switch, leaving mere mortals to wonder where the heck did she pick up all that information.
During the phase of gravity skidding of the load down the slope, the control circuit 16 engages the clutch 12 and switches on the electric switch 10.
You first open the rear window/hatch via an electric switch. Then you open the tailgate which folds flat like a pick-up.