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Electrical switch cover (left side, push-to-talk), NSN 5930-01-464-9981
A uniquely coded Castell key is released from the end of the lock and inserted into an electrical switch located next to the bay door.
The electrical switch is available in both sub-miniature (SAS models) and miniature (MAS models) sizes, with a variety of current ratings and terminal styles.
The pressure actuator has a spring-biased piston with a U-cup seal that requires pressures as low as 5 psig to actuate either a subminiature or miniature electrical switch.
Mike Walker of St Helens Chamber said: ``While the visit is likely to attract many companies from produce-related industries, it will be of interest to a variety of businesses since this area of France boasts a port, an engineering industry and an electrical switch gear sector.
It's like the main electrical switch in a building.

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