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In a written reply to Jonathan Reynolds, Stalybridge and Hyde MP, the minister said: "Network Rail has been developing the scheme to electrify the route between Manchester and York since 2011.
In October 2012, Russia helped Iran to electrify Tabriz-Azarshahr railway with a length of about 46 kilometers and five stations.
The companies are looking for the potential deal to electrify Japan Postal Service fleet of 22,000 delivery vehicles.
As part of the Chilean government's efforts to electrify the entire country and to reach those communities outside of its electrical power grid, a pilot system that tapped into the island's wind power was installed on Tac.
Reebok Launches the VY Electrify, Vince Young's First Ever Signature Footwear Collection
Temple carving and artifacts reveal that the ancient Egyptians had the ability to generate electricity and to electrify specific parts of the human body.
The project, after completion, would electrify Hushay, Khanay, Kanday, and Talis villages, he said.
It is hoped journey times between Lime Street station and Wigan and Blackpool North will be reduced under plans to electrify major rail routes and carry out improvements to track and signalling on the lines.
PLANS to electrify the rail link between Wirral and North Wales have gained the financial support of the Welsh Assembly.
I GATHER there is a plan to electrify the railway lines to the Valleys.