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Like the fierce winds it is named after that sweep across the African deserts, the all-new Volkswagen Scirocco is hot, sultry and electrifyingly fast.
and] black style to escape conformity and [imagine] themselves electrifyingly charismatic" (89; 92); however, they obfuscate this "appropriation of black history" (98) because the films ultimately "do not evince knowledge about the historical and cultural contexts for their representations.
Charlie Lister's charge flew out of the traps in the first round on Saturday, going on to make all, and even if he is not quite so electrifyingly away on this occasion, a first bend lead still looks his for the taking.
This, too, is an electrifyingly unnerving number, but it pales by comparison with the $80 billion that chronic gamblers are supposedly costing the American government each year, according to The Wall Street Journal.
The Muse is, as usual scintillatingly glamorous, electrifyingly chic.
Saade-Scaff's violin ranges from sweet, singing passages to dancing pizzicato lines and electrifyingly brusque attacks.
Catch London Classic Theatre Company's totally gripping production on its tour and you'll discover just how electrifyingly theatrical such a seemingly simple set-up can be.
allude to Hayden"s "Homage to the Empress of the Blues") but also, electrifyingly, Henry Dumas and Baraka.
The love played out between Pericles and Thaisa is as electrifyingly intense as it is tragically short-lived.
Mary shows Blige's talent in full bloom, steady and refined, but still electrifyingly emotional.
Teresa Stratas's uncommon ability to immerse herself inside the music she sings was never more electrifyingly showcased than in this marvellous recital.