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allude to Hayden"s "Homage to the Empress of the Blues") but also, electrifyingly, Henry Dumas and Baraka.
The love played out between Pericles and Thaisa is as electrifyingly intense as it is tragically short-lived.
Mary shows Blige's talent in full bloom, steady and refined, but still electrifyingly emotional.
Teresa Stratas's uncommon ability to immerse herself inside the music she sings was never more electrifyingly showcased than in this marvellous recital.
It is electrifyingly inventive in its imagery, and is a masterpiece of the `International Gothic' style (its monumental Crucifixion page owing much to Italian panel and fresco painting), celebrating Britain's contribution to European culture.
The PLS staging of the hanging in 'The Remorse of Judas' was electrifyingly real.
Winnie Richards tells Jack that the sight of a grizzly bear is "so electrifyingly strange that it gives you a renewed sense of yourself - a fresh awareness of the self - the self in terms of a unique and horrific situation.
Micro Chargers([TM]), an electrifyingly fast new line of micro-sized, collectible race cars that feature quick-charge technology for fast-paced racing, jumping and stunts, has raced into the winner's circle with strong sales since the brand's release on August 1.
Bradford born A A Dhand introduces 'Streets of Darkness' - an electrifyingly tense twelvehour crime-thriller full of pace, power and passion.
Britten's Suite on English Folk Tunes ranged from the snappy, electrifyingly precise strings of Cakes and Ale to the woodwind jig of Hankin Booby and plangent solos in Lord Melbourne; and Frank Bridge's glorious tonepoem Summer - by turns delicate, lush and effulgent - offered even greater opportunities for subtleties of articulation, which these eager players seized with relish.
Gilly Macmillan Piatkus, out Thursday There's heart-in-the-mouth excitement from the start of this electrifyingly good debut.
Electrifyingly fearless circus drama was executed with skillfully strong dexterity by the dancers who re-enacted their experiences of gang warfare from Cali, set against a background of filmed shots from the city in the west of the south American country.