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Iracema caiana a genus and species of electrogenic neotropical freshwater fish (Rhamphiethyidae: Gymnotiformes: Ostariophysi: Actinopterygii).
Scientists think stargazers and other electrogenic (electricity-producing) fish, such as catfish, may also use electricity to communicate with one another.
Current models of branchial acid excretion include an electrogenic proton pump in freshwater fishes, while marine species are postulated to use an electroneutral sodium/hydrogen exchanger (NHE).
A fourth type of ion channel, the electrogenic Na/K pump, which appears to be permeable to both sodium and potassium ions, plays a role in modulating the excitability of the axon membrane or in controlling the hyperpolarization of the axon membrane by reducing the resting membrane potential.
Mormyrids are electrogenic and electroreceptive and give off an electric shock when handled.