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In a review of more than 500 studies spanning 17 years of research, the panel found no evidence that electromagnetic fields damage human cells at all.
Electromagnetic field of extremely low frequency decreased adenylate kinase activity in retinal rod outer segment membranes.
They built an integrated manipulation platform that can remotely control the robots' mobility with electromagnetic fields, and cause them to shape-shift using heat.
In the present study, the activity of some antioxidant enzymes and biochemical parameters, as well as total protein content of Cucurbita maxima Duchesne were assessed, under electromagnetic field stress.
This approximation is mainly limited by the condition that the transverse dimensions of the line and its return path (essentially the line height) should be much smaller than the minimum significant wavelength of the exciting electromagnetic field [[lambda].
By using a set of measured fields from a triggered lightning experiment, the effects of the critical parameters on the values of the electromagnetic field are considered and the results discussed accordingly.
The Committee has assessed the health hazards from low-level electromagnetic fields generated by radio transmitters.
The article provides technique for simulating electromagnetic field propagation using an antenna by applying a geometrical method --generate of direct visibility rays.
In a statement issued here this morning, the Authority said that local and international electricity inter-related bodies have conducted scientific studies and researches about the effects of electromagnetic fields generated by electric power transmission lines.
Difficulties encountered in this sense are related to the solving of the electromagnetic field problems in microwave applicators, thermal diffusion problems with the load moves inside the cavity.
There's this thing in the electromagnetic field that nobody has noticed all this time," says Adam Cohen, a physical chemist at Harvard University who led the work.

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