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As a result, the line can be long enough to completely transform the energy of high-frequency electromagnetic waves into heat.
Novel broadband reflectarray antenna with compound-cross-loop elements for millimeter-wave application," Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, 21(10): 1333-1340.
To respond to this demand, TDK will construct a state-of-the-art, cutting-edge anechoic chamber at the Technical Center to measure and evaluate electromagnetic waves during new product development and to propose EMC countermeasure technologies and countermeasure products as well as reinforce the EMC solution business by analyzing customer products.
has developed a proprietary technology that employs electromagnetic waves to detect anomalies related to cased and insulated carrier pipes.
Ecospec's ElMag system is the first corrosion control offering to use Ultra-Low Frequency (ULF) electromagnetic waves to promote a self-regenerating, protective magnetite layer around submerged metal structures.
Electromagnetic waves have an effect on atomic vibrations in a lower temperature environment, as the colleagues improved their optical lattice clock by developing it to function at minus 170 degrees.
where c is the velocity of electromagnetic wave in vacuum.
2), a crucial question is whether the Einstein equation with only the electromagnetic wave energy-stress tensor as the source is valid.
Writing for two groups--those interested in problems of electromagnetic wave propagation in turbulence, and those interested in evaluating integrals, Sasiela develops a systematic way of expressing solutions to problems of electromagnetic wave propagation in turbulence in integral form.
The physical basis of Special Relativity is constancy of the light speed, which is also the velocity of an electromagnetic wave [1].
Wondering at the cause, he contacted the manufacturer of the device and was told it was electromagnetic waves emitted from nearby keitai.
Furthermore, the safety and possible commercialization of these technologies were also demonstrated by their low levels of electromagnetic wave emissions, well within protection guidelines, when near or directly handling the equipment.

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