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From their digital boarding card, they transfer the data from their smartphone via Bluetooth to their luggage equipped with an electronic tag with just one click.
A product of German manufacturer RIMOWA, this new suitcase with an electronic tag allows passengers to check in from home or while on the road simply by using a mobile app.
Yesterday, Sheriff Alan MacKenzie ordered Wright to wear an electronic tag for six months and stay at home between 7pm and 7am.
Not requiring a traditional paper tag to be printed and attached, customers can then save precious time by having their electronic tag quickly scanned at the bag drop, going straight through security to relax before catching their flight.
A patent is pending on the electronic tags, which have been specially developed by the airline in partnership with Densitron Displays, and Designworks Windsor.
While the bench retired, Mr Kazi, tried to explain to Miss Vasey that even if the bench agreed to her request it was extremely unlikely that security company G4S would remove her electronic tag affixed around her ankle.
Over half of criminals made to wear electronic tags on their ankles flout the terms of their curfew conditions, a review has found.
An electronic tag can include the grounds of a home but Downey's did not.
A source revealed after the verdict that Edwards was subject to an electronic tag after being released early from a Detention and Training Order.
MR Mac got his owners in a flap when he was stolen - so they fitted an electronic tag to keep track of him.
The mandatory use of electronic tags came into effect on 1 January this year, with lambs and kids born in Victoria on or after this date requiring an electronic tag before leaving the property of birth.
Prosecutor Conor Maguire said: "It Electronic tag ame ic tag d from the subsequently became clear the electronic tag had been removed from the applicant's ankle.

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