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While Dumas had periods when she was able to function - she recently completed a doctorate in sociology at the University of Oregon - there also have been times when her thoughts were so disordered that electroshock therapy, a treatment reserved for only the most psychologically troubled, seemed like a good idea to her.
Later he appreciated that the key aspect was the coma, but the "shock" name stuck, perhaps as a parallel with electroshock therapy.
The press is heralding the revival of electroshock therapy to be "miraculous," and critics of the procedure complain that not enough patients are being warned of ECT's serious aftereffects.
The neuroscientists hoped to disrupt this reconsolidation process by using ECT, also known as electroshock therapy.
This fact and the electroshock therapy (aimed to "cure" her of her lesbianism) are two of the main factors contributing to her mother's despair.
Charlie's story had it all, a Cain and Abel type relationship, inter-racial adoption, sports notoriety, marital violence, electroshock therapy and tough battle to stay physically and spiritually alive.
So while Lewis' legitimate other son (played by Oliver Platt) gets the bright lights and plush existence, Evans is raised in a run-down wooden hut under a rickety Lancashire roller-coaster with Freddie 'Parrot Face' Davies - in between a spell inside for manslaughter and bouts of electroshock therapy.
When Arash's mother discovered her husband was a war-profiteering scoundrel, he had her committed to a lunatic asylum where electroshock therapy was the preferred treatment.
Research using modern imaging studies a few years ago found that the area functions differently - it becomes overactive - in people who are chronically depressed and have tried everything from medication to electroshock therapy.
Disclosures by reporters that he had been treated for depression and exhaustion and had electroshock therapy became such an issue that it forced Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern to drop Eagleton from the ticket, about a week after he was selected.
Tom Eagleton as George McGovern's running mate on the Democratic presidential ticket after Eagleton revealed he'd been hospitalized three times for depression and once undergone electroshock therapy.