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While Dumas had periods when she was able to function - she recently completed a doctorate in sociology at the University of Oregon - there also have been times when her thoughts were so disordered that electroshock therapy, a treatment reserved for only the most psychologically troubled, seemed like a good idea to her.
Later he appreciated that the key aspect was the coma, but the "shock" name stuck, perhaps as a parallel with electroshock therapy.
He was a far cry from the psychiatrists who wanted to hospitalize her and start major drug or even electroshock therapy.
Until the 1973 edition of the DSM, homosexuality was such a "disorder," justifying electroshock therapy for queer kids in the 1950s and early '60s; it did not entirely recover from its illness until the 1986 edition.
Awaiting electroshock therapy, Edvard Munch, painter of The Scream, begins to narrate a series of broken fragments.
Mark Vonnegut had two more breakdowns, but after Thorazine shots and electroshock therapy, he was cured, never to be schizophrenic again.
When Luce left her, Berzon experienced a severe depression marked by episodes of violent rage and suicidal despair, Fearing for her life, she checked into a sanitarium, but escaped from her self-prescribed hospital when she discovered she was scheduled for electroshock therapy.
In a word, like electroshock therapy, the grisly discussion over partial-birth abortion unclouded the minds of many Americans.
The Zomba lunatic asylum in Nyasaland only became a "mental hospital" administered by the Medical Department in 1951, and even this reform was superficial: with no resident psychiatrist, an untrained staff employed psychosurgery, electroshock therapy, and psychoactive drugs more for purposes of control than for treatment.
Yet it's startling to hear how he segues from a rant about his excruciating youth, attempted suicide, hospitalization, and forced electroshock therapy to a tender, almost whispered confession that all he really wants is for his father--with whom he hasn't spoken in more than two decades--to sing him a Sabbath song about the angels.
Reed, during his teenage years, was sent to a psychiatric hospital for 24 bouts of electroshock therapy - ever since then he's been firing bolts right back at society.
I was offered aversion therapy - where you take something to make you vomit while looking at pictures of yourself dressed as a woman - electroshock therapy, having part of my brain removed, or a sex change operation.