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102) Yet Jonson is unwilling to fault Plautus entirely, quoting Varro (as had many humanists before him) that he was a "prince of letters and elegancy in the Roman language.
What surprised me was the elegancy of the sanctuary and the beautiful art,'' said Sizomu, an intern rabbi at the Conservative synagogue.
Or, a survey of the Latin tongue, according to the elegancy of it's proper dialect (1633).
Keeping tempos brisk so that longueurs were avoided, his ambidextrous conducting (without a baton) added charismatic energy and expressive elegancy to Elgar's orchestral writing.
Dresses used to be an icon for elegancy and femininity at this time," Naoot said.
The reason for the inclusion of Chinese translators was because the missionaries' knowledge of Chinese was insufficient, obviously, and without the assistance of the Chinese the translated text would not have had the elegancy and expressiveness esteemed by Chinese intellectuals, let alone members of the imperial administration.
This exceptional fragrance is a distinctive offering to a younger male audience, which promises extreme attitude and essences enclosed in an energetic elegancy.