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A material factor; a basic component.

The term is used to mean one of several parts that unite to form a whole, as in elements of a criminal action or civil action. In the tort of Assault and Battery, an essential element of the offense would be unwanted physical contact. An element of the crime of rape is lack of consent on the part of the victim.

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n. 1) an essential requirement to a cause of action (the right to bring a lawsuit to enforce a particular right). Each cause of action (negligence, breach of contract, trespass, assault, etc.) is made up of a basic set of elements which must be alleged and proved. Each charge of a criminal offense requires allegation and proof of its elements. 2) essential requirement of a General Plan. (See: cause of action, crime, General Plan, zoning)

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Observing this distinct decay pattern -- as element 110 spawned daughter and granddaughter isotopes 108 to 102 -- permits researchers to confirm the presence of the parent element 110, says Armbruster.
In his review paper he writes, "In our view, however, attempts to produce new elements with [atomic numbers equal to or higher than 110] can and must be pursued." Dubna's first evidence for element 110 was reported a little less than two years ago (SN: 5/17/86, p.319).
Recently physicists from the Dubna laboratory in the Soviet Union reported a possible finding of element 110. However, Dubna does not have the facilities for confirming such a discovery to the satisfaction of physicists generally.