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The scene that perhaps most elementally communicates this shows Kambili urinating in the bathroom of her aunt's flat and then finding that she is unable to flush:
It is elementally a skeleton with an odd assortment of joints but the series of triangulated sections introduces order to an often mysterious and foreboding universe.
More elementally, the PA works to benefit a minority wealthy class within Palestinian society, and destroying the middle-class, while isolating the majority poor.
to me, placed itself elementally in the relations of Thou
Conceived as a contemporary luxury oasis, The Westin Playa Bonita Panam will break through traditional barriers of design to create an elementally infused structure reflecting its natural environment.
The steel scrap portion of the metallic charge is more difficult to quantify elementally.
The relative activation of associations modulates interference between elementally trained cues.
The design concept was to express the building elementally with the auditorium and fly loft boxes de-emphasized in metal while the lobby and gallery spaces were expressed as pavilions with glass walls and arcing wood covering that act as a lantern at night.
He considers it likely that there are hereditary differences in intelligence between blacks and whites, argues that human beings are intrinsically and elementally race conscious and race proud, and concludes that social engineering efforts to force the races together are doomed to have profoundly unhappy consequences.
Whereas American political culture is essentially optimistic, British politics is elementally pessimistic.
In some ways, this is another ad hoc structure, being elementally simple and designed to be built by the local community using basic construction skills.