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If, ultimately, the Test is elementally unique in its risk of death, as Fick posits the thing that 'might kill him,' does not the Test compare with other efforts in death-defying behavior?
Elementally it was a gambling town, what I considered a full-scale, interactive Dali.
Melancholy, the humor associated with genius and madness, corresponded seasonally to autumn and elementally to earth.
Interpretivism is elementally concerned with textual and meaning-laden representations (van Maanen 1979) of the world and how they are produced, reproduced and/or transformed in the praxis of daily life.
It further comprises a molybdenum-phosphorus coat consisting of an oxide film elementally containing molybdenum and/or phosphorus on the surface of each metal particle, wherein the single-layer or multilayer coat is disposed on the molybdenum-phosphorus coat, and at least one layer of the single-layer or multilayer coat is a cobalt coat consisting of an anhydrous oxide film elementally containing cobalt.
The story begins as elementally and ineluctably as a Greek tragedy.
Deepa Mehta's politically provocative, elementally titled films - there were ``Fire'' and ``Earth'' before this one, ``Water'' - tend to rile Hindu fundamentalists back home in India.
Elementally, the justice here is that found in the division between two persons, where one cuts and the other chooses.
The senses, in which people are their most elementally alive, are continually gratified and celebrated--most often through the agency of woman as gardener, shopper, cook, protector of children, builder of home fires, and lover.
Thus, in the "making of Joshua," Williams is not working at defining masculinity in heroic or anti-heroic terms but in terms of its place in a more integrated world-view, a more natural and elementally "feminist" world-view that both redeems as much as in need of redemption themselves.
Ethan's physical deformity, Zeena's ill health, and Mattie's physical demise frame the text as focused, almost elementally, on bodily survival in an unforgiving setting.