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What a relief from his anxieties(and his wife's, too); and if I were to go further, if I even went so far as to hint at the fears which Rose had not been able to conceal from me, why then - I went on thinking coldly with a stoical rejection of the most elementary faith in mankind's rectitude - why then, that accommodating husband would simply let the ominous messenger have his chance.
All this is amusing, though rather elementary, but I must go back to business, Watson.
Interesting, though elementary," said he as he returned to his favourite corner of the settee.
Is it possible that you do not know the elementary fact in comparative anatomy, that the wing of a bird is really the forearm, while the wing of a bat consists of three elongated fingers with membranes between?
For the first time he perceived how elementary his own principles had always been.
It was I, then, and I alone, who outraged natural sentiment, and trampled the expiring embers of elementary decency, by proposing and planning the raid upon my own old home.
Politics for Aristotle is not a struggle between individuals or classes for power, nor a device for getting done such elementary tasks as the maintenance of order and security without too great encroachments on individual liberty.
the sun is born from fire, the moon from the sun; fire is the soul of the universe; its elementary atoms pour forth and flow incessantly upon the world through infinite channels
On the piteous spectacle of the pair spending their evenings in shorthand schools and polytechnic classes, learning bookkeeping and typewriting with incipient junior clerks, male and female, from the elementary schools, let me not dwell.
And what are the elementary principles, we may ask, that compose human strength?
Atmospheric pressure," said Bert, finding a use at last for the elementary physiography of his seventh-standard days.
Anybody could teach boys trades and give them an elementary education.