elementary unit

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And in the scientific world, the idea of an elementary unit underlying everything is now fundamental.
Siapas added: "Such segments may be the elementary unit of hippocampal computation.
The term holon is used to describe an elementary unit of an organization in biological and social systems (Cristea & Abrudan, 2002).
Thus, each label for an elementary unit of meaning grouped together the action and the object and was then called an "action unit".
Drive, in Freud, is the elementary unit of psychical motive force; it is the innate tendency of an organism to reduce the energy it accumulates as a result of external stimulus, to discharge it through a motor response.
In fact, the monetary unit is the elementary unit of such a population.
The creation of a different structure on the elementary unit level, followed usually by the modification of physical and mechanical properties, may be observed if specific additives are introduced into such polymers.
In an elementary unit about trade relationships, discussions center around how people define wealth, what makes a good deal and more.
The elementary unit features lesson plans on bird-watching, local and regional species, and bird story time.
This page provides significant links for further exploration such as to the Salvadori Center in New York City, PBS, Spaces and Places (an elementary unit on architecture), and sites on Frank Lloyd Wright, bridges, and architectural heritage.
Quarks, the elementary units of matter found in every atomic nucleus, are surprisingly comfortable in large crowds.
These folders are the results of particular transactions or operations that are, from a functional point of view, elementary units of action.

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