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In "Women of Elephantine and Women in the Land of Israel," Annalisa Azzoni uses this text (and others) to address the social and economic position of women at Elephantine.
The development works will be finished in a number of hotels during the current year, especially Elephantine hotel in Aswan, with an investment cost of EGP 220m; it is expected to be completed in October.
A granite statue of the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II discovered on Egypt's Elephantine Island at the Temple of Khnum in about 1280 BCE (Before Common Era) has left the British Museum in London and is now exhibited here at Manarat Al Sdiyat art gallery.
ELEPHANTINE, BURNING ALMS, DONG FANG: The Bulls Head, St Marys Row, Moseley.
Can you picture a row of elephantine clunkers waiting for the light to change at a frenetic intersection of Hong Kong?
Arranged in sections on the three areas of study, the 28 papers discuss such matters as the career of some Elephantine and Murasu scribes and witnesses, Phoenician and Aramaic inscriptions from Abusir, the state of modern Syriac lexicography, 12 published and unpublished Jewish Aramaic ostraca written in the "Jewish" cursive script, philological notes on the David-Bathsheba story, the role of the governor in Persian imperial administration, and personal names as pejorative puns in ancient texts.
The robust and wrinkled elephantine haunches of the larger one (Acrobate, 20 12) conjoin a buoyant spherical rump, which is crowned by a knobby protuberance and a kinky hair-lined orifice just below.
The small boutique Elephantine just off Gemmayzeh's main road sells quirky inexpensive handmade paper in all sorts of colorful animal motifs, perfect for the project.
Ahn's intention to run has gotten clearer, and the DUP faces another elephantine challenge: How to select a single candidate between Moon and Ahn.
43- year- old Khera's key attribute is his razor- sharp, almost elephantine memory.
The real-life Belfort, who wrote two books about his scandal days, once admitted he "drowned my guilt and remorse beneath elephantine doses of recreational drugs.
The other approach, found at Elephantine, offered the possibility of continuing worship, even sacrifices, in foreign lands (found in a later period also in Onias' temple at Leontopolis.