elevated place

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It must be on some elevated place, whence a given signal may be seen in every part of Paris.
One was the artist Holgrave, who, in spite of his consociation with reformers, and his other queer and questionable traits, continued to hold an elevated place in Hepzibah's regard.
He said his (Saeed's) poetry had got an elevated place in the realm of Sindhi literature.
Not only can the new Atlas robot hop, skip and twirl in the air; it can even do backflips from an elevated place, like a parkour practitioner, or traceur.
Marrying his instrumental virtuosity with a songwriting skill which often transcends genre or era - many of his best folk-related songs sound as if they are traditional works - gives him an elevated place in both the tower of song (as Leonard Cohen would have it) and the hallowed-hall of guitar-heroes.
LeBron has risen above poverty to that special elevated place we have in society where pretty much nothing can bother him.
As per the circular issued to consultants and contracting companies, the surveillance cameras can be fixed on cranes or at any other elevated place overlooking the site to monitor the safety and security aspects.
I am not, despite this digression, actually writing a negative book review, but Prose and Heller's reflections reminded me of an important point: one of the printed book's ostensibly strongest claims to an elevated place in reading is its high standard of presentation--precision and correctness in the book bespeaking professionalism and careful oversight in its making.
We had to leave our house behind and took shelter in an elevated place.
But that wasn't how he saw it and Smith doesn't believe McCoist has further to fall in management because of his elevated place in the club's history.
In the agricultural areas of Java, rice occupies an elevated place in the hierarchy of crops.
Meanwhile, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), patriarch of the parivar, which had put Gadkari in his elevated place, was not very happy with all the verbals.