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The results of the study showed a relationship between profile elevation and openness to experience, extraversion, and lower depressive personality traits.
Height of stubble at the end of the growing season was below these guidelines once during 2002 at high elevation (i.
Still, Hurricane Sandy brought unprecedented flooding that was several feet higher--and extended over a larger area--than the base flood elevations estimated by FEMA prior to the storm.
Elevation Burger lets you eat better-for-you, organic meat without sacrificing taste.
Table 1 Head of bed elevation, compliance and slipping in bed before and after placing a bedside placard Pre- Post- intervention intervention P value HOB elevation angle 19.
Our data from reproductive frequency and tail fat analyses suggest that smaller body size at high elevations may be caused by (1) constrained energy budget likely caused by shorter growing seasons at high elevations and (2) differential resource allocation between the high and low elevation populations.
This sub-horizontal elevation-relief ratio raster layer was converted into elevation data using "Extract by Mask" function in "Spatial Analyst", where the DEM was used as the "Input Raster" and the sub-horizontal relative relief raster layer was used as the "Input Feature Data Mask".
Except for the mid elevation savannahs under the CCC scenario, all the AEZs are predicted to get benefits from global warming.
This is also the case for sand wave height, crest elevation, trough elevation, and sand wave asymmetry.
Total tannins went steadily up with higher elevations, while bitter monomeric tannins decreased.
Nurses could benefit from assistance in accurately estimating backrest elevation angle, as well as from education regarding strategies to decrease the incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia.
Experiment with bays and elevation pop-outs as a way to adjust the shape of the house.