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There are two ways to quantify elevational patterns in species richness: alpha and gamma diversity studies (McCain, 2005).
The elevational gradient throughout the Caribbean side of Braulio Carrillo varies between lowland tropical rainforests (30 m) to tropical montane forests (2 906 m), representing one of the last protected elevation gradients still covered by continuous forests in Central America.
Elevational clines represent a "natural laboratory" within which we can better understand how such traits fluctuate in response to growing conditions.
2010) that fill gaps in the recorded distribution of the species, and increase the elevational range to 300 to 2814 m (from 500-2600 m; Solari et al.
Skipper Richness (Hesperiidae) Along Elevational Gradients in Brazilian Atlantic Forest.
Bird diversity along elevational gradients in the Andes of Colombia: area and mass effects, Global Ecology and Biogeography 13(5): 451-458.
Joseph Barraclough (Mills) Ltd, re-cladding of part elevations, replacement window frame, removal of elevational wall of amenities area and re-building, Works, Union Street, Heckmondwike.
More immediately, they will provide managers of more intensively managed lands outside the parks with reference information about elevational distributions of bird species from more-pristine park ecosystems.
the proposed elevational treatment (in other words, the wall