eleventh hour

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In his new role in Eleventh Hour, he and Ashley investigate the illegal cloning of babies, a smallpox outbreak, a seemingly bogus cancer cure and the topic closest to Patrick's heart, a conspiracy to suppress evidence of catastrophic trends in global warming.
27 /PRNewswire/ -- The Academy of the Sacred Heart's Eleventh Hour Theatre Company welcomes the public to attend this year's fall production of Little Women.
A DAD battling to end the life of his brain-damaged wife has been offered pounds 500,000 to spare her life at the eleventh hour.
We found out about the tree in the eleventh hour, actually the eleventh and a half hour, and we just couldn't come up with a way to save it," recalls conservation district director Bill Brash.
Also surprising was the invitation extended to Virginia Tech; until the eleventh hour, Virginia Tech was not coveted by the ACC.
ACIP has come under criticism for withdrawing support at the eleventh hour and for apparently criticizing the primate.
However, one kind- hearted organiser stepped in at the eleventh hour to put her name at the top.
I wish I could feel better about the lesbian element that Lynch works into the mix at the eleventh hour.
Clearly if the recent events stimulate Government financial intervention in this field, it will be in the old cliche the arrival of the cavalry at the eleventh hour.
At the eleventh hour, however, Virginia relented, but not before persuading ASMFC to consider an addendum, approved last April, allowing "transfer quotas.
The operation to give Hannah Pudsey, 12, a new heart was cancelled at the eleventh hour after it was found the donor organ had deteriorated.
The event was axed because one of Spain's six regional governments withdrew its funding at the eleventh hour.