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For example, leading a whole class mathematics discussion requires one to be able to elicit mathematical ideas from students that can then be discussed in the class.
Recognizing that they shape the structure of the software system it is important for requirements engineers to capture and elicit accurate requirements to develop good quality software that is consistent with the expectations and needs of the stakeholders.
A Panel of Experts"), none of the panelists recognized that monetary policymakers already say things that elicit expressions of hilarity, at least while meeting among themselves.
Selecting Shylock to elicit the answer 'Jew' demonstrates cultural ignorance and an extreme lack of sensitivity.
7 was elicited in varying episodes by half (50%) of the students, only 3 (15%) of them elicited it in the 4 episodes and half (50%) of them completely failed to elicit it.
Four research assistants were involved, one of whom had volunteered to be videotaped and exposed to an eliciting stimulus; we initially needed to determine an effective unconditioned stimulus (US) with which to elicit the startle reflex, with the designated volunteer out of the room.
We here hypothesize that in Lymnaea after the establishment of CTA with 50 or more pairings of the CS-US, the CS (sucrose) would elicit a fear response rather than an appetitive behavior (biting).
11), (12) This review of MI counseling spirit and strategies will focus on how this approach might be used to elicit oral health behavior change within the dental counseling atmosphere.
All weekend boaters seem to know instinctively the very best way to elicit flight responses in deeper water, which is by heaving out the anchor as high and as far as one can, thus creating a noise roughly equivalent to the launching of a World War I depth charge, and eliciting flight responses from fish as far below as 60 feet.
Have students rotate through the stations of the museum with a journal and note what memories the smells elicit.
Although it is true that SV40 infection can elicit low-level, cross-reactive antibodies that recognize polyomavirus BKV and to a lesser extent polyomavirus JCV VLPs and, conversely, BKV and JCV infection may elicit low-titer SV40 cross-reactive antibodies (3), these antibodies do not pose a problem for serologic diagnosis of infection in natural hosts of these polyomaviruses.
Hulas King, director of UGS's GO PLM program, says he hopes the news will elicit support from other agencies.