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So, we infer the hyperparameters of the prior Dirichlet distribution using a predictive elicitation approach based on betting odds.
Ranking the disease burden of 14 pathogens in food sources in the United States using attribution data from outbreak investigations and expert elicitation.
The elicitation strategy we explore here links open-ended questions to an established patient experience instrument: the CAHPS Clinician & Group Survey (CG-CAHPS).
Participant-generated photo elicitation can be a powerful research tool because the self-taken, self-selected images often evoke deeper elements of human experiences than do "words-alone" interviews (Clark-Ibanez, 2004; Harper, 2002).
A version of the elicitation module of PPA has been developed to support occupational goal setting with people who have experienced a stroke (Kessler, Egan, Dubouloz, Graham, & McEwen, 2014; Kubina et al.
Among the Th/Tc cell subsets, Th1/Tc1 cells, which produce IFN-[gamma], are the most important cell subsets that induce the elicitation reaction, (5,11) although the involvement of other Th/Tc cell subsets such as Th2 or Th17 have been reported.
30], for example, present the application of a multicriteria methodology to support the selection of repair contracts in a context where information is imprecise, that is, when it is not possible to assign precise values to importance parameters of the criteria used for contract selection, but unlike the FITradeoff there is no elicitation procedure.
Tamai, "Framework for matching requirements elicitation techniques to project characteristics," Software Process Improvement, vol.
When team members have differing expectations and communication styles, useful approaches include structured communication tools such as situation, background, assessment, recommendation (SBAR); structured handoffs; board rounds; huddles; attentive listening; and explicit elicitation of the patient's concerns and desires.
Section 6 explores the concept of elicitation of hyperparameters.
The photo elicitation [16] technique was used to stimulate an appealing discussion.