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The first column shows the base level presented in the elicitation, the second column shows the level offered in an alternative NH that required randomly assigned additional travel time for visits, the third column displays the difference in quality, and the fourth column expresses the differences in quality as standard deviations of the quality index in national data at the time of the study.
We first provide a basis for our work via a substantial review of the requirements elicitation literature (Section 2).
However, problems related to the elicitation of software requirements are not addressed by these surveys.
For gathering this information we either have to wait while the constructions we need will occur in the corpus or have to use the elicitation method.
The literature on elicitation makes clear that the work of the analyst at this stage is like that of a farmer looking for and picking ripe fruit in a garden.
Recast, elicitation, and metalinguistic feedback are regarded as three instructionally useful strategies in language teaching.
We propose to forecast football games outcomes using a simple predictive elicitation approach (Garthwaite, Kadane, & O'Hagan, 2005; Kadane, 1980), where the hyperparameters of a Categorical Dirichlet model are elicited using betting odds from different bookmakers.
Understanding the Problems of Requirements Elicitation Process: A Human Perspective.
World Health Organization estimates of the relative contributions of food to the burden of disease due to selected foodborne hazards: a structured expert elicitation. PLoS One.
Otherwise, the DM proceeds to the next step: he/she starts answering elicitation questions by considering tradeoffs between consequences.
To this purpose, algorithms have been developed for some questionnaires (that for this, reasons can be viewed as indirect preferencebased methods for utility elicitation).