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The proportion foodborne multiplier was estimated for 9 pathogens in 2009 by using an expert elicitation process (19), and the multipliers for another 9 pathogens were estimated by using a similar expert elicitation study in 2005 (21).
Miljkovic (2014) Semi-automated knowledge elicitation for modelling plant defence response, PhD Thesis, IPS, Jozef Stefan, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
The second group includes four experts in rigid highway pavement construction, who were not involved in the knowledge elicitation stage.
Economists have given some attention to the elicitation of laughter by FOMC members.
A typical PTO elicitation asks respondents to choose between two equally expensive health care treatment programs that improve quality of life or save lives for two groups of patients.
Washington, May 2 ( ANI ): A new study has found that elicitation of the relaxation response - a physiologic state of deep rest induced by practices such as meditation, yoga, deep breathing and prayer - produces immediate changes in the expression of genes involved in immune function, energy metabolism and insulin secretion.
This article utilizes data collected from a split-sample online survey to determine whether the bias induced from arbitrary anchors can be mitigated with a preference elicitation approach designed to facilitate the preference-discovery process by revealing tradeoffs and consequences implied by stated WTP.
Prior to each interview, we sent photo elicitation instructions to each participant describing the procedures for taking two or three pictures of how his or her marriage may impact exercise or physical activity behavior.
The book is divided into six chapters and includes an audio CD with 20 recordings of various ELF-speakers having short conversations and 10 recordings of ELF-speakers reading an elicitation paragraph.
One of the most basic methods is the non-biased elicitation of key terms of reference and relational inferences associated with these terms.
The elicitation was conducted for a 9 day period and cell suspension cultures were harvested at day 30 to perform extraction and chromatographic analyses.
It is through the elicitation of tacit spatial knowledge from residents that outsiders can become aware of the assets, capacities, needs, desires, hopes, and fears of a neighborhood--a task that is best suited to participatory, qualitative techniques and is markedly enhanced through the use of digital geospatial and multimedia tools.