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Systematizing requirements elicitation technique selection.
REASSURE: Requirements elicitation for adaptive sociotechnical systems using repertory grid.
Ambiguity and tacit knowledge in requirements elicitation interviews.
Our mixed methods approach was designed to treat the elicitation and reporting of narrative data with the same scientific rigor accorded closed-ended surveys (Cognetta-Rieke and Guney 2014).
This paper documents methods we employed for creating and testing elicitation protocols.
The elicitation strategy we explore here links open-ended questions to an established patient experience instrument: the CAHPS Clinician & Group Survey (CG-CAHPS).
They are elicitations which invite the addressee to agree with the speaker's assumption that the expressed proposition is self-evidently true.
The following is a summary of elicitations and their corresponding responses and challenges, as defined by Tsui (1994: 165-193).
We mentioned previously that elicitations solicit an obligatory verbal response or its non-verbal surrogate.
Other systems commonly augment automated acquisition of their preference model with circumscribed direct preference elicitation, such as of preferred meeting times (ceteris paribus), to seed the model and make the system more useful from the beginning.
What differentiates PUIs from its siblings within the adaptive UI community is the need to focus on preference elicitation and reasoning.
Which elicitation method is best, in general and for a given application?