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Typical of preservice teachers who probed for understanding, one preservice teacher began by posing a series of questions that elicited the student's process.
Body product disgusts in particular showed an initial defensive response pattern: Instead of eliciting immediate attention, the onset of body product disgusts elicited sharp increases in negativity and arousal, and an acceleration of heart rate, indicating that the content was at first too disgusting to pay attention to.
The article studies whether there is any association between the number of laughs elicited by a member during a meeting, on one hand, and the member's expectations about the macroeconomy, on the other hand.
The performance score on the items was graded according to the number of times an item was elicited during the 4 episodes of consent administration.
Typically, an unconditioned response or reflex that is elicited by an unconditioned stimulus will show habituation if the stimulus is repeated (Gluck et al.
According to the findings, the therapeutic regimen was safe and generally well tolerated at all dose levels; most common systemic reactions were fatigue and malaise; DV601 was found to elicit immune responses at all dose levels, and anti-HBe antibodies were elicited in two of eight patients; anti-HBs antibodies were elicited in four of 14 patients; amongst the eight HBeAg positive patients, two had HBeAg clearance, and one of those individuals also had HBsAg clearance.
Fear is a basic survival mechanism that is observed in almost all organisms and is elicited by stimuli that signal the threat of danger (e.
Sixty four students were elicited by administered open-ended questions after finishing normal instruction on chemical bonding topics.
Motivation and confidence to make a change, as well as recognition of the change as important, are elicited from the client rather than prescribed by the dentist or dental hygienists.
Anyway, according to the researcher, "studies have shown that noise is not only disturbing, but its sources are avoided, and in specific cases, flight responses are elicited.
through films, music, self-statements); measurement of emotions (raising the conceptual issues of the validity of elicited emotions and whether measurement alters the response); and approaches to understanding the biological bases of emotion including functional magnetic resonance imaging.
During a dressing change with either Silvadene or a collagen alginate, six elicited a 5 (actual crying), six elicited a 4 (significant grimacing), and three elicited a 3 (facial frowning/slight grimacing).