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Revilla said that the eliciting of position papers and comments is part of public consultation to help his committee decide which version of the anti-fake news bill will reach the plenary session for sponsorship.
In practice-based teacher education, that is, teacher education focused on learning the work of teaching, the content is teaching practices such as eliciting student thinking, leading a whole class discussion, or setting up and managing small-group work.
Considering that eliciting and capturing requirements are heavily influenced by human factor there is a need to find ways to ensure systematic ways of eliciting and capturing requirements.
695); it is one of the innate, defensive reflexes of humans and other vertebrates that occur in response to unconditioned eliciting stimuli such as an unexpected loud noise.
For example, if one considers the internal state or emotion of fear as eliciting a "flight or fright" response, then the early work of Willows on the swim escape response triggered in Tritonia by predator detection certainly qualifies (Willows and Hoyle, 1969).
A number of well-established health psychology models provide alternative approaches to eliciting behavior change.
Here I believe I can contribute some important data, for few other anglers can match my own distinguished record in the art of eliciting flight responses from virtually every kind of gamefish over a wide range of angling environments.
Authorities at Guantanamo dropped the chart's original title: "Communist Coercive Methods for Eliciting Individual Compliance."
International contributors to 26 chapters discuss strategies for eliciting emotion in the laboratory setting (e.g., through films, music, self-statements); measurement of emotions (raising the conceptual issues of the validity of elicited emotions and whether measurement alters the response); and approaches to understanding the biological bases of emotion including functional magnetic resonance imaging.
soldiers killed in Iraq erected by Jeff Heaton, a Vietnam War conscientious objector, are visible from a local commuter train station and a nearby freeway, eliciting protests from commuters.
In undifferentiated cells, exposure to 5 [micro]M CPF for 1-3 days reduced DNA synthesis significantly without eliciting cytotoxicity.