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The overexpression of WRKY71 in rice has upregulated the expression of defence-related genes induced by elicitors (55).
However, soil was used as a means of growth in that investigation, whereas an inert substrate was used here; thus, the variation could have been affected by the growth environment rather than the elicitor.
This technique includes variations of the essential elements ratios in a nutrient solution or the inclusion of elicitors, such as salicylic acid or methyl jasmonate.
Site and elicitor treatment (P < 0.001) main effects were observed for seed yield (Table I).
Beta-glucosidase: an elicitor of herbivore-induced plant odors that attracts host-searching parasitic wasps.
These proteins are both believed to be potent elicitors of defense response to pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs).
This effect of calcium chloride may be attributed to its dual property to work as abiotic elicitor and secondary messenger.
Specifically, in the factors of elicitor and informant, the method with fewer requirements of person (elicitor and informant) is better.
Sin embargo, no se observaron diferencias significativas en el numero de brotes por explante ni en la masa fresca por frasco respecto al control ni entre las concentraciones ensayadas para cada elicitor. Contradictoriamente, se observo en la variable masa seca un incremento significativo al emplearse la mayor concentracion de ChP (0,1 g.[L.sup.-1]) (figura 1B).
zea was tested to determine if this factor is an elicitor of Z.