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Music played during lunch tends to have a calming effect and we do our best to seat residents in a way that elicits conversation and prevents any personality dashes.
Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), a competitive inhibitor of choline transport, elicited dysmorphology beginning at the mid-blastula stage, with anomalies beginning progressively later as the concentration of DMAE was lowered.
Genetic immunization with lung-targeting macroaggregated polyethyleneimine-albumin conjugates elicits combined systemic and mucosal immune responses.
Elicits of confirmation were seen to fall into two main subdivisions also.
A lab-made version of a protein found on the parasite that causes most serious cases of malaria elicits a potent immune response when given to people, suggesting it could become the basis of a vaccine against the disease.
For example, a friendly smile, a food treat, or anything else that elicits a positive response may increase future medication compliance.
For nearly half a century, studies of both natural and laboratory vertebrate populations have suggested that exposure to a variety of environmental chemicals, including pesticides, herbicides, and industrial solvents, elicits deleterious effects during development by interfering with hormone-sensitive processes (Colborn et al.
* Intranasal immunization of HA-containing SHIV VLPs elicits augmented humoral and cellular immune responses in both systemic and mucosal compartments;
Researchers have decoded how one cuckoo elicits the same feeding behavior as a nestful of hatchlings.
Similarly, diazinon has been shown to disrupt neurodevelopment in aquatic species (45,46) and elicits dysmorphogenesis in sea urchins during the phase in which neurotrophic factors control development (47).
"Simply stated, in comparison to other conventional interviewing methods, whether in the laboratory or in the field, the cognitive interview elicits more information at the same or slightly higher accuracy rates."
Pheromone-laced urine elicits a so-called flehmen response from a bull.