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It was not his cue to appear at all conscious of the high honor he thus unexpectedly enjoyed; but, by leading his guest into the conversation, to elicit some important ethical ideas, which might, in obtaining a place in his contemplated publication, enlighten the human race, and at the same time immortalize himself - ideas which, I should have added, his visitor's great age, and well-known proficiency in the science of morals, might very well have enabled him to afford.
Sitting squatted on his haunches, his head bowed forward and held between her hands, he would talk and talk and elicit never a responsive word from her.
Vassenka, lying on his stomach, with one leg in a stocking thrust out, was sleeping so soundly that he could elicit no response.
He had worked on Bill's feelings so successfully as to elicit a loan of a million dollars, and was just proceeding to marry him to Elizabeth, when the cab stopped with the sudden sharpness peculiar to New York cabs, and he woke up, to find himself at his destination.
An answer so different from the one he had expected to elicit, and was in the habit of receiving, staggered Mr.
com)-- Chih-Jen (CJ) Wei, Director at Sanofi Pasteur will give a presentation on, “A Self-Assembling Influenza Nanoparticle Vaccine Elicits Broad and Potent Neutralizing Antibodies” at the 12th Vaccines Research & Development: All Things Considered Conference on July 9-11, 2014, in Boston, MA, by GTCbio.
uk A PSYCHEDELIC approach to floral patterns, this fun option elicits a touch of Magic Roundabout chic.
A vaccine that elicits mucosal immunity has the potential to minimize transmission of HIV.
The study finds that a member elicits more laughter if he or she expects higher inflation, other things being equal.
Summary: Wednesday event risk offers elicits little response from price action.
In our world: elicits an angry mother and a favourite toy being taken away.