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Such an omission calls attention not only to the essay's disregard of all recent feminist Bowen criticism and scholarship, but to the ways the homoerotic focus can elide the centrality of cultural and political identities.
He elides the difference between a preacher who implores congregants to help the disadvantaged and, say, a hopelessly callous businessman.
By restricting citation to primary sources alone he effaces the difficulties of interpretation these involve (and the massive accumulation of such primary sources without further comment in the notes is a significant part of his rhetoric of objectivity); conversely his failure to quote secondary sources elides the breadth of interpretative strategies available.
Schechner's failure to offer a credible account of the "other" culture turns interculturalism into neo-colonialism and elides difference into a blur of similarities.
Directed with arresting yet subtle flair by Svetla Tsotsorkova, whose affinity for minimal dialogue elides with her careful attention to how people observe each other, the film combines chamber-piece elements with sensitivity to landscape, light and shadow.
But a superficial new documentary from the Smithsonian Channel, Legend of Lead Belly, elides the most controversial aspects of his life and imposes a relentlessly positive spin.
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As an institutionalized public management instrument, evaluation is often treated in the literature as an unalloyed good, but such a snap judgment elides the role of power relationships in evaluation praxis in terms of whether evaluation is capable of speaking truth to power, the ability of evaluation to shift relations of power within and between institutions, and the degree to which evaluation may seek power for its own interests.
And yet to date, institutional attempts to take stock of the diverse forms of cultural opposition to Slobodan Milosevic's regime have generally presented Serbian art within a pan-Balkan frame-work that elides the differences between various local and national contexts.
But while this stylistic choice serves to make his own text, like those he considers, more accessible to a popular audience, his running paraphrase elides the textual intricacies and allusions which make advice literature such an interesting cultural barometer.
In so doing she elides differences of class and culture which may well have been quite significant.
Greene argues that the great moralist elides the ethical and the aesthetic dimensions of language and thus achieves a perfect synthesis of Barthes's antagonistic figures of ecrivain and ecrivant.