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Moral Perception and Moral Reasoning: Eliding the particular: a comment on Neil MacCormicks Particulars and universals, Emilios Christodoulidis
and a senior project manager at the David Horowitz Freedom Center) seeks to deflect criticism of Israel's violations of international law and human rights in the Occupied Territories and elsewhere by presenting a highly selective portrait of the history of Palestinian nationalism that highlights any connections to Nazism, Communism, and/or Islamism and thus places the entirety of the blame for Israeli-Palestinian conflict on irrational Palestinian anti-Semitism while simultaneously eliding and denying any genuine Palestinian political, social, and economic grievances.
In eliding Marshall McLuhan's famous characterization of information society as a "global village" with the "village idiot," a figure of extreme and doltish embodiment, Kessler uncannily signals precisely the ethos of information extraction that underlay American policy in Abu Ghraib.
Chambers does, however, nicely illustrate Waller's habits in his handling of classical texts: compressing and redistributing passages, adapting Latin details to English settings, and eliding difficult political references in his models.
In Young's Optimum Performance, 2003, an actor delivered a script by the artist: a vilely "motivational," casually insulting pep talk eliding corporate and art-world uses of terms such as "performance" and "creativity.
Here Lichtenstein seems to be investigating the possible ways to make a mark, eliding intuitive experimentation and conceptual commentary.
Nevertheless, this presentation was not a full retrospective, eliding as it did her early sculptural works of the '70s, which still followed in the arte povera tradition.
In other, words, and without in any way eliding their political dimension as emblems of spiritual and legal custodianship, the Papunya Tula paintings now escape their local significance as signifiers of land ownership and ethnicity into another terrain.
Which is to say that this strategy has allowed Ma guire to keep faith with a tradition of expressionistic figuration even as he resists naturalizing or eliding context and convention--tendencies that have so often compromised the radical potential of that tradition.
By eliding the "r," he inflects the arbitrariness of the Surrealists' "exquisite corpse" with intentionality and specificity of reference.