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A man not eligible for a lieutenancy in the army unless he can prove four generations of noble descent?
was still worse than that of the ephori: for it contained all the faults incident to that magistracy and some peculiar to itself; for in both cases it is uncertain who will be elected: but the Lacedae-monians have this advantage which the others have not, that as all are eligible, the whole community have a share in the highest honours, and therefore all desire to preserve the state: whereas among the Cretans the
Wooden balconies and overhanging eaves had been added to them, so that, in the language of the advertisement, there were vacant three eligible Swiss-built villas, with sixteen rooms, no basement, electric bells, hot and cold water, and every modern convenience, including a common tennis lawn, to be let at L100 a year, or L1,500 purchase.
Now, if he would pass me by and select the next man on the eligible list and give me a call at the next vacancy--
No woman was eligible for membership who had not lost near relatives at the hands of the Oligarchy.
I must own," said she, "I looked on it as on a matter of indifference; nay, perhaps, had some scruples about it before, which were actually got over by my thinking it highly agreeable to your own inclinations; but now I regard it as the most eligible thing in the world: nor shall there be, if I can prevent it, a moment of time lost on the occasion.
First of all, you're trying to catch an eligible gentleman, and all Moscow will be talking of it, and with good reason.
If Tim's eligible now, he was eligible the first time.
Families may be eligible for funding if they are working, attending school or undergoing medical treatment.
The candidate will still be eligible to attend and participate in a Convocation Ceremony within the next five years.

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